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Reference in the distribution of electrical materials

Distributors and Manufacturers

In the market since 1978, we are a reference in the distribution of electrical materials and the manufacturing of technical solutions for low and medium voltage.


To provide our customers with a complete range of electrical materials and technical solutions, ensuring the satisfaction of their needs and the sustainability of their businesses.

We market and collaborate with the largest brands and manufacturers worldwide in the sector, enabling us to promptly meet the needs of our customers and offer quality products at competitive prices!

We have specialized TEAMS in all business areas, ready and motivated to provide you with the best solution and ensure the optimal solution for your business.

Today, we can proudly say that we have been able to guarantee and respond to various market sectors: Industry, Residential, Tertiary, Public, Renewable Energies, and Utilities.

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We excel in demand and service capability to our customers.

Aware that time is money and emergencies are frequent in our business, we provide our customers with a permanent stock of over 50,000 references of essential products for the completion of their projects. At ELPOR, it is certain that they always find what they need.

Our logistics and installed capacity give us the advantage of offering a fast delivery service both for the Portuguese market and for any part of the world.


Currently, we have thousands of customers distributed throughout mainland Portugal, including the Autonomous Regions, as well as in African and European markets. However, our ambition goes further. It is part of our international strategy to significantly expand our reach and establish a presence in other markets.

At ELPOR, our export team takes care of all stages of the order, including the preparation and packaging of materials. Each pallet is accompanied by a detailed packing list; we organize all shipments and ensure efficient loading into containers at our facilities. We are committed to ensuring that your products reach their destination in the best conditions.

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A ELPOR é uma empresa certificada pela ISO 9001 desde 1999.

ELPOR is a company certified by the NP EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, in the scope of wholesale trade of Electrical Materials and assembly of Electrical Panels.

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