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General Sales Terms and Condition

General Provisions

  1. The sales of materials and equipment by ELPOR are governed by the specific conditions of each supply, these general conditions, and applicable legislation.
  2. The establishment of an ongoing business relationship with a customer implies that they accept and agree to these terms and conditions of sale and delivery.


Credit Granting

  1. ELPOR reserves the right to grant credit only to customers or potential customers for whom it has, and as long as it has, commercially favorable information, and whose foreseeable purchase volume is equal to or exceeds €5,000.00 / year or €400.00 / month.
  2. The failure to achieve, in each semester, a purchase volume in accordance with the limits mentioned above may result in the interruption of credit supplies.







  • The payment of coil invoices is subject to the same payment conditions as invoices for other goods.
  • The return of coils must be made by the customer at ELPOR's facilities in Frielas. In special cases where ELPOR arranges the collection, it is the customer's responsibility to place the coils in an easily accessible location for loading.
  • The return of coils will result in the issuance of a Credit Note by ELPOR.
  • The amount to be credited may be less than the invoiced amount, in accordance with the conditions in effect on the date of the return. ELPOR will use the same criteria as cable manufacturers for this purpose.



All issues arising from the interpretation or application of these General Sales Conditions and, in general, between ELPOR and its customers regarding sales made to them, shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Lisbon, without prejudice to the provisions of Article 110 of the CPC.



These General Sales Conditions may be amended at any time by unilateral decision of ELPOR, only taking effect on sales made after their entry into force.