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Leaders in the distribution and marketing of electrical materials for over 40 years
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distribution of electrical materials

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electrical material

Since 1978, we take pride in being a leading presence in the Portuguese market for Electrical Material Distribution and Manufacturing Electrical Solutions. Have you ever imagined finding everything you need in one place? ELPOR makes it possible! We ensure our customers have access to an extensive range of products from the most prestigious brands in the market, maintaining a permanent stock to meet their construction needs immediately.

If you're an installer, involved in electrical maintenance or renovations, or if you work in integration or as an electrician, don't hesitate to contact us. We are confident that we are the right partner for you! Today, we are capable of providing solutions to the residential, commercial, industrial, utilities, renewable energy, and public sectors.

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Specialists in development and design

electrical solutions

We stand out in the market as specialists in the design and development of Electrical Solutions, with expertise in the manufacturing of Electrical Panels and Assembly of Distribution/Asymmetric Cabinets. We are one of the main suppliers to the National Electrical Grid (E-REDES) as well as to the telecommunications and road signage sectors.

As manufacturers, we undergo rigorous product audits, where the demands and high standards of quality, innovation, and safety are paramount.

We design customized solutions tailored to your needs. Challenge us!

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elpor in the world

Our international presence has been in the PALOP countries (Portuguese-speaking African countries) and in some European countries!

Decades of experience enable us to have a premium logistics capability today. Our customers' orders are prepared at our facilities by our team, including grouping, packing list, and container loading. This is the only way we can ensure the integrity of your cargo and the best packaging and delivery at the destination under the best conditions!

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luminous engineering studies

the art of illumination...

Today, illuminating a space is not just about providing light to that space. It's about creating comfort, design, and, no less importantly, making spaces more efficient.

Our team of experts prepares lighting studies for your project, which includes assessing the space's needs and presenting the most efficient solution for it.

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