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ELPOR presents new Protection boxes qualified by E-REDES

ELPOR Introduces New Technical Solution:

Protection boxes Qualified and Approved by E-REDES


ELPOR is pleased to add to its portfolio of qualified products the new Hinged Hatches that have been qualified and approved by E-REDES. We aim to continue our commitment to providing high-quality products in compliance with industry standards in the energy sector.

Our Equipped Hinged Hatches utilize high-quality materials and comply with DMA-C62-807/N standards.

We will have 2 available references: 41601201-CL / 41601202-CLi (Single-phase/Three-phase).


ELPOR remains focused on innovation and dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions for the ever-evolving needs of the energy industry.

For more technical information, please contact our team or refer to the Technical Datasheets:


Datasheet - PBTN Mono >>                        Datashet - PBT Tri  >>

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