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Legrand launches - New Plexo

New Plexo


An iconic name, A contemporary design

The preferred line of weatherproof switches, Plexo has embraced current trends with contemporary lines. A design with personality. A strong offering.

Plexo TM Style

Something for every taste The range has been expanded to 4 finishes to suit all trends in any location. You will find a color that fits all your projects, both indoors and outdoors. Colors

Plexo TM

Freedom of installation Plexo has been updated with a redesigned product architecture. Discover the new concept of a shallow plate and space around the mechanism, making installation easier.

The advantage of design:

The GAD design technical duct is discreet, elegant, and has a hinged cover that allows you to hide plugs, power sources, or data and network connections, adapting ideally to the space's appearance. The cover is available in straight, convex, or curved formats, providing greater mounting flexibility and adjustment to specific installation conditions. The technical duct can be subtly incorporated into the environment or highlighted through an LED light bar, which will be applied to its base and will discreetly illuminate the walls and/or surfaces beneath the duct. This duct is especially suitable for architects and electrical designers for electrical planning in buildings with limited and sophisticated interiors, and it can be considered both in the design phase and in the remodeling of existing constructions.

Compact duct system:

The compact design of the GAD duct system is due, among other details, to its 45mm snap-in opening for direct installation of switching equipment and fittings. Now, cables and wires are grouped at the desired location and directed out of the technical duct through an adapter.

Documentation Design GAD Technical Duct | OBO

Plexo TM

Horizontally or vertically Plexo can adapt to any situation and is easy to install in a multigang configuration.

Step 1 Guaranteed ease of installation

  • Double the space for wiring.
  • Even simpler to install.
  • Freedom of movement when wiring or creating branches.

Step 2 No tools required

  • A movable mechanism

Step 3 Connect the products as you wish

  • 2 possible wiring modes ... and benefit from more flexibility No need for tools, just attach and turn the mechanism, and the job is done! Horizontally_Vertically

Plexo TM

Robust and suitable for any situation The plate and frame give the product extra rigidity on irregular surfaces. Redesigned seals and weather protection membranes are positioned at the key mounting points of the products. An IP 55 range for safe use in any installation location and in any environment. Rugged_Whaetherproof Wheatherproof Rugged

Plexo TM

Over 100 accessible functions With the widest range on the market, Plexo is available in built-in or surface-mounted versions, complete and modular, for:

  • All requirements and types of use: single or double switches, with or without indicators, motion sensors, multi-gang sockets, etc.
  • All locations and sectors of activity: commercial, industrial, residential, etc. With the Mosaic adapter, you have even more options with many more functions.


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