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The Prysmian Group, a global leader in the telecommunications and energy cable industry with over 140 years of experience, is firmly positioned in high-tech markets and offers the widest range of products, services, consulting, and market knowledge. Through its merger with General Cable CelCat, the Group has strengthened its position in Portugal to lead the market with its vast experience, know-how, and commitment to service.

They provide customers and communities worldwide with cable solutions based on pioneering technology, consistent excellence in execution, and a deep understanding of the evolving market's needs: CONSTRUCTION AND INFRASTRUCTURES / ELECTRIC UTILITIES AND TRANSMISSION NETWORKS / INDUSTRY AND SPECIAL FACILITIES / TELECOMMUNICATIONS / TRANSPORTATION AND MOBILITY / ASSET MONITORING SYSTEMS AND ELECTRONICS.

Prysmian is fully committed to sustainability and supports actions that contribute to decarbonization and the construction of a more sustainable economic and social model, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Their solutions are designed with a green mindset; they develop wiring solutions that act as green arteries distributing energy to homes, infrastructure, and cities worldwide.

ECO CABLE is the first green label in the cable industry, based on sustainability criteria and clear, measurable objectives.

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In the construction of the buildings and cities that make up our world today, it's easy to presume that one cable is the same as any other. At the Prysmian Group, we think differently. By investing in innovative technology that sets new standards for performance, safety, sustainability, and profitability, we help overcome the daily challenges faced by the industry.


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PRYSMIAN - Catalog Low & Medium Voltage Cables
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Electrical cables
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