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PRYSMIAN celebrates 80 years.


The Prysmian Group celebrated its 80-year connection to Portugal in the Douro.

A leading company in the electric cables and telecommunications segment gathered experts for a roundtable discussion and anticipated trends in the industry.

Ongoing projects were presented, and strategies for a better future were discussed.

According to João Amaral: "In the energy sector, in electricity, we can't do anything without cables. We have a history of various orders, several projects that would not be feasible without someone like Prysmian by our side. It dominates the market, with such a significant presence and history."

The Prysmian Group manufactures thousands of kilometers of underground and submarine cables, transmission and distribution systems for electrical energy, as well as medium and low-voltage cables for infrastructure and construction sectors. We also produce a complete line of optical fibers, copper cables, and connectivity systems for voice, video, and data transmission in the telecommunications sector.

It operates in the following Markets:

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