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New UPS 5E Gen2: providing essential power protection for residential and professional applications with an excellent cost-performance ratio.
In 2023, the Gen2 version of the 5E line-interactive UPS was introduced. Designed to meet the needs of efficient and affordable power protection, the UPS 5E Gen2 offers a compact, reliable, and easy-to-use solution to safeguard your equipment in homes and work environments.
The 5E Gen2 introduces new features, now covering a wide range of power capacities (550 - 2200VA), standing out for its ability to support various IT devices. Whether in a home or professional setting, Eaton enhances your peace of mind by combining power protection and data loss prevention with silent operation, thanks to its fanless design in models up to 1200VA.

The Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) technology of the 5E Gen2 is one of its key features. It regulates electrical network fluctuations, such as undervoltages and overvoltages, conserving battery power during power outages and reducing overall energy consumption, making it a sustainable solution. Additionally, the UPS can be easily monitored and controlled through the Eaton UPS Companion software, allowing users to analyze and manage energy consumption.

The UPS 5E Gen2 also stands out for its global compatibility, with four different types of national sockets available. Installation and use are straightforward, and the UPS integrates automatically with the most common operating systems. As a leading UPS manufacturer with decades of experience and high-quality standards, Eaton ensures the reliability and safety of the UPS 5E Gen2, which complies with CE certification and other international safety standards. 

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