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A JSL emphasizes its "SUPER-T" Clamp

The Ultimate SUPER-T Clamp

This new series of pipe clamps features a modern design, crafted for a substantial increase in functionality and versatility, while maintaining compatibility with previous clamp series and accessories.

The Super-T clamps come with a built-in micro-adjustment slider featuring 10 micro-steps, allowing the installer to adjust the clamp for any deviations. Allowing the base of the clamps to bend a few millimeters causes opposing forces in the engagement areas. When the clamp is being installed/fixed, the tabs 'bite' even more into the base of the clamp, adding an extra amount of pressure in the fixation.

The PSTB-4, PSTB-7, ST-CLIP, and ST-Base bases are also equipped to accommodate cable ties, specifically the 467 cable tie.

Clamps with Fixed Center Alignment

The Super-T clamps also allow fixation at a single point with fixed center alignment. In the case of installations on insulated plasterboard walls, the PST-7 is better and more suitable. Its longer size can easily penetrate all three layers to achieve a permanent grip on the last layer. The quick plugs PST-5 and PST-7 are also suitable for installing/fixing the Boxline series in concrete. This way, it is possible to avoid the use of metal screws.

Clip and Lock Lid

The locking lid of the clamps ensures the non-removal of cables or pipes when the installation is manually accessible. When tubes or cables are pulled, the sides of the clamp exert pressure on the lid, locking it and preventing its removal, keeping the installation securely in place. The lids come in different sizes depending on the clamp they are intended for. For the ST-40, ST-32, ST-25, ST-20, ST-16 clamps, the corresponding lids have the following references: STC-40, STC-32, STC-25, STC-20, and STC-16.

Groupable Clamps

The Super-T clamps can be grouped together through the side fittings, allowing for parallel installations. Retro-Compatibility: compatible with other models of groupable clamps from JSL.


The ST-CLIP is the most cost-effective solution for securing cables or pipes on metal plates or cable trays. The ST-CLIP can be used on metal plate profiles with thickness ranging from 0.6 to 1.2mm. The ST-CLIP also features a small, retractable triangular barb that, once inserted into the hole, returns to its original position, ensuring a secure fixation of the ST-CLIP. Extra Tension: as mentioned before, similar to the clamps, when installing the ST-CLIP, the base flexes a few millimeters, and since this curvature causes opposing forces in the clip areas of the base, the tension created adds an extra amount of pressure to the clip base, reaffirming the overall robustness of the installation.


The JSL also offers another solution for securing cables or pipes using only a small, thin plastic base. The ST-BASE is designed to be used with nail glue and can be glued to virtually any surface, allowing for a very cost-effective and versatile installation. The ST-BASE features a built-in micro-adjustment slider with 10 different micro-steps, allowing the installer to adjust the clamp for any deviations. The ST-BASE is intended to be installed by applying the nail glue and letting it rest for at least 24 hours before fixing cables or Super-T clamps. The plastic base is made with small cylindrical grooves to ensure that the nail glue has enough adhesion area, ensuring a lasting grip on any type of surface.

Allows fixation with Super-T clamps for compatibility with the following references: 903, BM6, 215, PST-5, PST-7, PSTB-4, PSTB7, ST-CLIP, ST-BASE

Fixation compatible with tubes of the type:

VD METRIC  16 | 20 | 25 | 32 | 40
PG         11 | 13,5 | 16 | 21 | 29
HIDRAU     13,5 | 16 | 19 | 21 | 23 | 29 | 36

Compatible with zinc-plated steel duct 2060-PF (DIN C11).



Abraçadeira SUPER-T Brochure

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