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OBO Bettermann introduces Flush-mounted Boxes

OBO Bettermann presents new Flush-mounted Boxes
Quality and speed redefined.

Nowadays, time savings and simplification of work on every construction site are increasingly valued. OBO Bettermann Portugal, a specialist in electrical materials for installers, offers an effective solution with its Flush-mounted Boxes. These innovative boxes have details that make them more flexible, allowing for faster, easier, and more precise installation.

Produced sustainably
OBO's flush-mounted boxes align with sustainability, contributing to a circular economy by reusing 80% high-quality recycled materials. These boxes consist of materials that are 100% halogen-free, reducing the production of toxic gases and corrosion, providing increased safety in case of fire.

Even faster and simplified installation
The flush-mounted boxes can be installed more quickly and include details to simplify the application process:

Bayonet lock connections – The bayonet lock is attachable on both sides, providing maximum flexibility and faster installation: A small rotational movement is all it takes to connect the flush-mounted boxes extremely stably.

Marked entries for cables and tubes – The entries for cables and tubes in the flush-mounted boxes are now marked, saving time in the selection and decision-making process.

TPE membrane entries – The hermetic flush-mounted boxes stand out with their special thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) membrane entries. They are easy to puncture with cables and tubes, eliminating the need for additional tools.

4 x 3 screw domes – They include 4 screw domes with 3 openings that facilitate precise alignment and fixing of the equipment.

The flush-mounted boxes are available in different versions, each representing a true installation advantage: device boxes, junction boxes, electronic boxes, and surface-mount boxes.
All box versions come in two variants: conventional and hermetic.

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