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EATON Assistance Alarm Kit

EATON Assistance Alarm Kit - CFEAPULLKIT

Autonomous emergency kit for requesting assistance.

It is a simple 2-wire system specifically designed to meet the needs of users with disabilities and complies with all relevant requirements.

Through the high-performance blue LED indication combined with audible signaling, it ensures the information of assistance request for a quick response to the on-site call.

Features and Benefits

Complies with regulations and recommendations

Double-loop pull cord

High-contrast labels

Blue light indication

Quick and easy installation

High contrast for increased visibility

Tactile signaling (braille) to assist visually impaired users in easily operating the cancel button

Kit Contents

Everything you need for the installation of an emergency assistance request alarm (excluding cables and fixing materials).

Power Cable

The main requirement for the mains voltage power cable is to be fixed, with 3 conductors (2+T) and at least 1mm in section. It should be on a circuit with its own protection (3A) and conveniently identified to prevent unauthorized operation.
All wiring for mains voltage power supply should be installed according to good practices and relevant technical standards.

Interconnection Cable for LVT (Low Voltage System)

Low voltage cables must be separated and segregated from mains power cables. The system requires a minimum 2-conductor cable of 0.4 mm section. The cable order of various system components can be altered according to the application, being specific and/or to reduce its length. All wall-mounted installation devices should be installed using the necessary embedded box depth, considering cable entry.

We provide the Installation Guide and additional information.


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