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OBO Bettermann Introduces Technical Duct

OBO Bettermann Introduces GAD Design Technical Duct

OBO Bettermann Portugal, a specialist in electrical materials for installers, presents an innovative solution for cable routing and equipment installation in sophisticated environments. The GAD Design Technical Duct combines aesthetics and functionality, catering to commercial and public spaces with high design standards and heavy foot traffic.

The GAD Technical Duct is characterized by its compact size and a solid front in anodized aluminum, providing enhanced robustness and scratch resistance while preserving the metallic character of aluminum and ensuring reliable corrosion protection.

Design Advantages:

The GAD Design Technical Duct is discreet and elegant, featuring a hinged cover that conceals plugs, power sources, or data and network connections, seamlessly adapting to the space's appearance. The cover comes in straight, convex, or curved formats, offering flexibility in mounting and adapting to specific installation conditions.

The duct can be subtly incorporated into the environment or highlighted with an LED light bar applied to its base, discreetly illuminating walls and/or surfaces beneath the duct. This duct is especially suitable for architects and electrical designers planning electrical systems in compact and sophisticated interiors, applicable in both new construction projects and renovations of existing buildings.

Compact Duct System:

The compact design of the GAD duct system is attributed, among other details, to its 45mm snap-in opening for the direct installation of switching equipment. Cables and wires are now neatly grouped in the desired location and directed out of the technical duct through an adapter.

Documentation: GAD Design Technical Duct | OBO

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