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HAGER - Witty Start

Power always at hand

Easy to install, configure, and manage, the Witty Start is designed to meet all your electric charging needs.

Electric vehicle charging station.

The electric charging station Witty Start is your entry into the world of electric mobility, offering charging options up to 22kW.

Adapted for residential installations, it has unique features that make it the best option in the market for your charging station.

Watertight and Robust

A robust enclosure designed for outdoor use. With IP55 protection and IK10 mechanical impact protection index, it is prepared to withstand continuous rain, hail, as well as mechanical impacts.

Fast and Secure Mode 3 Charging

The type 2 socket ensures absolute safety in charging your electric vehicle up to 22kW. With a cover and shutters that prevent the insertion of incompatible plugs, and an electronic lock that secures the cable during charging.

Save on Your Charging

Regardless of when you arrive home, you can schedule your charging for the most economical hours of your contracted tariff. This means more economical charging in an automatic and hassle-free manner. This function can be ignored whenever you desire.

Adapts to Your Space

Regardless of your parking space, the Witty Start adapts perfectly. In addition to the classic wall mount, you can choose one of two floor mounts - circular or rectangular pedestal, both in stainless steel.


Control is Yours, Through a Key

The Witty Start is designed for private use in any type of installation. Thanks to the integrated key switch, it is ideal for situations where it is necessary to control access to the charging station, such as in shared parking lots of condominiums, office buildings, or apartment buildings.

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