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Manufacturing and marketing of boxes and frames

AL is a solid company with many years of experience in the electrical and electronic sector. It is a reference in the manufacturing and marketing of boxes and panels for electrical, water, and gas circuits. In 2007, due to market demands, AL started offering equipped boxes and panels, featuring meter centralizations, low-voltage special counting boxes (BTE), equipped hatches, and recently, column panels.

In the manufacturing of their products, AL uses raw materials such as PVC, ABS, polycarbonate, polystyrene, polyamide, and glass fiber-reinforced polyester. Compliance with current national and international standards and safety regulations is guaranteed.




<br>[pt] - AL - Catálogo 2015<br>[en] - AL - Catalog 2015
AL - Catalog 2015
<br>[pt] - AL - Tabela de Preços 03-23<br>[en] - AL - Price List 03-23
AL - Price List 03-23
<br>[pt] - AL - Brochura Portinhola 03PBTT<br>[en] - AL - Hatch Brochure 03PBTT
AL - Hatch Brochure 03PBTT
<br>[pt] - AL - Brochura Portinhola 03PBTE400<br>[en] - AL - Hatch Brochure 03PBTE400
AL - Hatch Brochure 03PBTE400