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JSL 'Solar Safe' Photovoltaic Protection

Protect Your Investment.

Sabemos que We understand that solar energy users are highly aware of the costs and efficiency of their systems, aiming to recover their initial investment as quickly as possible. However, without proper protection for their systems, they may end up merely transferring the value of the initial investment to maintenance or repair budgets.

These devices rely on photovoltaic (PV) cell panels and inverters. The cells use solar energy to convert luminous photons into Direct Current (DC). The electricity generated by the solar cells is then fed into an inverter that regulates and converts Direct Current into Alternating Current (AC).

The Alternating Current produced can be used locally for specific equipment, homes, or directly connected to the electrical grid, thus serving as clean energy and environmental protection.

Reliable and cost-effective solar technology with photovoltaic components certified by a specialized and market-leading body, TÜV.

Type 2 Protection - Class II Insulation

With Type 2 protection against overvoltage currents caused by atmospheric phenomena in photovoltaic installations (and others), investments are safeguarded, and equipment and system failures are minimized.

To ensure high levels of availability for inverters and electrical components used in photovoltaic installations, it is necessary to protect them against destruction from surge voltages.

JSL offers a 'combiner box' containing protection devices against atmospheric discharges, connection of solar panel strings, and ultra-fast disconnection of the Direct Current coming from these panels.

The panel is ready to use, provided pre-wired and ready for use, requiring only the connection of cables from the solar panels equipped with MC-4 connectors to the connectors that the panel already has. Also, the connection from the panel to the inverter is made through the wiring equipped with MC-4 connectors, which will be connected to the MC-4 output connectors that the panel already has mounted. To complete the commissioning of the 'combiner box,' it is sufficient to connect the ground terminal of the overcurrent protection device (OPD) to the 'Ground' circuit.

Nominal Values

The SolarSafe combiner box can be used for 1 or 2 solar panel strings and for currents up to 25A IMAX and 1000 V DC, covering over 95% of the self-consumption needs with or without power injection into the electrical grid. The panel is suitable for inverters with 550V DC / 100V DC per input (per string).
Technical Information

  • Capacidade: 1000V DC – 25A
  • Proteção contra descargas atmosféricas: Tipo 2 com indicação visual e possibilidade de sinalização remota
  • Corrente Nominal de descarga: 20 kA
  • Corrente máxima de descarga: 40 kA
  • Número de inputs DC (combiner strings): 1 (2 em opção)
  • Número de MPPT para Inverter: 1
  • Fornecida com porta fusíveis PV para cada uma das fases DC com capacidade de corte de 33kA (fusíveis 10×38 gPV não fornecidos)
  • Completamente montada, cablada e testada, pronta a instalar
  • Fornecida com conectores MC-4 (pronta a ligar)
  • Grau de estanquicidade de IP55



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