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The future of safe, intelligent, and sustainable electrification.

ABB is a leader in electrification and automation technologies, providing solutions that contribute to a more sustainable and efficient future. The company's solutions connect engineering know-how and software to optimize the way things are manufactured, moved, energized, and operated.

Its offerings range from switches to industrial robots, and from large electrical transformers to control systems capable of monitoring extensive power grids. ABB provides technologies for the efficient and safe production, transportation, and distribution of energy, as well as for increasing the productivity of industries and utilities (water, gas, and electricity).

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<br>[pt] -  ABB - Catálogo Distribuição Energia 23.24<br>[en] - ABB - Power Distribution Catalog 23.24
ABB - Power Distribution Catalog 23.24
<br>[pt] - ABB_CatalogoElectrificação2023_2024_Industria2<br>[en] - ABB_Electrification Catalog_2023_2024_Industry2
ABB_Electrification Catalog_2023_2024_Industry2
<br>[pt] - ABB - Tabela de Preços 3.2023<br>[en] - ABB - Price List 3.2023
ABB - Price List 3.2023