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ABB - Wallbox Terra AC

ABB Portugal

Electric Vehicle Charger - Wallbox Terra AC 

The mission and objective of ABB are to drive electric mobility by developing chargers for domestic electric vehicles (EVs), progressing to the charging of electric buses and trucks, and finally, high-power chargers for the service stations of the future, aiming for a zero-emission reality.

The increasing investments in mass production of EVs are already benefiting consumers, and the latest generation models now offer the same performance and amenities as fossil fuel models.

The most convenient place to charge your car is at home. ABB's home chargers are easy to install and include all the necessary components for intelligent home integration, adhering to the highest safety standards for the protection of people and vehicles.

ABB's wallboxes provide personalized, intelligent charging solutions with a wide range of connectivity options, including WiFi, 4G, Bluetooth, and Ethernet for easy control and integration with existing infrastructure.

The dedicated app provides authentication, control, and personalized settings for the AC charger, along with a view of the charging level and exploration statistics.

I need a charger for my new electric car, but which one should I choose?

One of the most important considerations for electric vehicle (EV) buyers is the battery charging time, which often varies due to the capacity/features of the car battery.

Recently, a partnership was established between ABB Portugal, BMW Portugal, and CME. As part of this collaboration, BMW Portugal launched a campaign for the new BMW iX3 (the first 100% electric model in the X range).

With the purchase of the new BMW iX3, the offer includes the Smart Wallbox Terra AC and installation services provided by CME. Using the BMW iX3 as an example, and assuming daily charging sufficient for a range of 340 km (considering a charge from 20% to 80%), the charging times2 with various ABB chargers are as follows:

  • Recommended for home use - 11kW AC with the ABB Terra AC wallbox – 4 hours and 29 minutes of charging.
  • Recommended for home/business use - 22kW DC with the ABB Terra 24 DC wallbox – 2 hours and 45 minutes of charging.
  • Fast chargers for service stations, business parks, public parking - 50kW DC with the ABB Terra 54 DC charger – 59 minutes of charging.
  • Fast chargers for service stations, business parks, public parking - 155kW DC with the ABB Terra 184 DC charger – 19 minutes of charging.

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