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Adhesive Tapes and Electrical Insulation Solutions

Plymouth's extensive industry experience positions it as a prominent technological brand in the global industry, specializing in electrical tapes, including vinyl tapes, rubber tapes, mastics, and a wide variety of complementary tapes for professionals. From electrical distribution to industry, telecommunications to mining, there is an enormous range of sectors for which we develop specific tapes.

Vinyl Electrical Tapes: PVC tapes available in a variety of colors and sizes for all types of purposes.

Insulation and Splicing: Rubber and special products to ensure the best performance and durability in all high and low voltage splices.

Sealing and Insulation Mastics: Specially developed mastics, including reinforced mastics, for electrical insulation and moisture protection.

Special Tapes: A variety of tapes designed for protection, maintenance, and special applications.

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